Pale Foundation - Know Your Undertones

Know Your Undertones Foundation For Pale Skin

Choosing the right foundation depends on what your undertone is. Don’t know what your undertone is? Well as a general rule there are three main undertones:

Still unsure? The following tests may help -

Look at the veins on your wrists, if they have a have a bluish colour, you are cool-toned.  If your veins have an olive or greenish colour, you are warm-toned. If you can’t really tell, or if there is a mix of both, you are neutral-toned.

Or, get two articles of clothing, material or even paper – one white and the other a cream colour and hold them against your skin without any makeup on. Which one suits you best? If it is the white shade, your undertones are warm. If the cream suits you more, then you have cool undertones. However, if both suit you, you are neutral!

While the above is not very scientific – it may give you a starting point for your foundations. Alternatively, you could buy the Foundation Tester Pack on this site and see which of the 7 testers is your colour –  with our no risk upgrade you would then be able to redeem the cost of the tester pack against your perfect foundation shade.