About us

Amber Ward

 Embrace the Pale

 Founded in 2016, Amber Ward Cosmetics manufactures and markets mineral makeup and cosmetics for pale and fair skin tones, that are also kind to the skin.

 After I started using cosmetics from makeup companies I realised that the materials and chemicals used by them did not suit my skin and that they were just not pale enough for me. The whole range of products produced by Amber Ward Cosmetics are designed with pale skin tones in mind. They are handmade to the highest standard here in the UK, and carry my name because, in the first instance, these products were made for me and tested by me, and I use them every day. I am now proud to share them with you

 The ingredients in genuine mineral makeup, like Amber Ward Cosmetics, occur in nature; they are free from preservatives, artificial colours, cheap fillers such as talc, petroleum derived oils and other skin irritants. The colours in mineral cosmetics are due to natural pigments and they do not contain any artificial colouring.

 All the raw ingredients that we use in our formulation have gone through the EU Certification process for "nanoparticles" and we do not use nanoparticles ingredients in our makeup.  Our products have been assessed, approved and certified to comply with EU Directive 76/768 and the EU Directive 1223/2009 that took effect in July 2013, and under the EU Cosmetic Regulations we have Notified our products under our brand on the "Cosmetic Products Notification Portal " (CPNP).

 Importantly to me, all our products are animal cruelty-free.  Additionally, the raw ingredients are bought from the suppliers whose products are NOT tested on animals.



Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM

company number 10014768

Telephone +44 (0) 2071 646 062