Mineral Veil Finishing Priming Powder

Amber Ward Mineral Veil Finishing Priming powder is a superfine, creamy, sheer loose Mineral Finishing / Priming / Veil Makeup for providing you with flawless and airbrushed skin. 

Our Mineral Finishing & Priming Veil powder helps to prolong the wear of makeup while protecting the skin from the harsh UV ray with natural SPF; controlling excessive oil, and minimising pores for the perfect fresh and healthy look.

Amber Ward Mineral Veil Matt Is A translucent powder made of ingredients that help to absorb excess oils. Apply before or after mineral foundation. You can also use the matte veil as an eye lid primer to prevent creasing.

Amber Ward Mineral Veil Glow is translucent mineral veil that imparts a porcelain finish. Apply after mineral foundation for a polished, soft-focus finish effect that helps to blur fine lines, pores and other imperfections.Alternatively apply before foundation to provide a luxurious, smooth base for the foundation application.