Foundation Samples

I know from my own experience,when you are pale finding a foundation to match your skin tone is not easy, in the department store, it's usually we can't find a shade light enough, but online, where the screen can distort  the true shade, and no ability to try it on before we buy, the problem increases. I myself have ordered what I thought to be the perfect match, only to find its too dark, or the wrong undertone when it arrives.

To try and make that process a little easier, we offer a sample trial pot, for you to test at home. Any sample you buy will be credited against your order of your chosen foundation. If you choose the sample sample pack of all seven shades, then you can simply select your ideal match at no extra cost to you. 


You can also select a foundation shade on an individual basis from the list below. You will receive a credit to the value of your spend, to use against your next purchase.