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Best Blush For Pale Skin

Best Blush For Pale Skin

Selecting The Right Blush For Your Skin Tone

Selecting the perfect blush for your skin tone can be a daunting and overwhelming task, especially for those with pale skin. The variety of shades, formulas and finishes can make it difficult to select which is best suited to you. The purpose of a blush, is to inject a bit of life and colour into your complexion. Colour on the cheeks, especially natural-looking colours, has always been perceived as a youthful quality. Amber Ward Mineral Blushes have been specially designed to help you easily achieve a youthful and natural-looking complexion. 


Amber Ward Mineral Satin Blush

Amber Ward Mineral Satin Blushes have been designed to complement a variety of pale skin tones by giving a natural, healthy-looking tone to the skin. Mineral Satin Blushes add a subtle sheen to the skin, which gives the complexion a luminous and healthy-looking glow. 

Amber Ward Mineral Matt Blush

Amber Ward Mineral Matt Blushes have been specially designed to give a natural and flattering tone to the skin. Unlike many other matte blushes, Amber Ward Mineral Matte Blushes do not leave the skin looking flat and lifeless, instead, the shades give an undetectable and natural flush of colour to the cheeks.

Blushes For Warm, Neutral and Cool Skin Tones

Warm Skin Tones

Warm toned blush shades complement those who have warm/yellow undertones in their skin. Corals, reds and pinks that have a yellow/orange base tone, would fall into the 'Warm Category'. The depth of these shades complement the warm undertones of the skin, giving the complexion a natural sun-kissed appearance. Satin blushes that have a subtle gold shimmer--- such as Wild Heart and Confidence are especially complimentary to warm skin tones.

Neutral Skin Tones

For those with a neutral undertone, matt dusty pink and coral/peach shades are the most complementary shades. Dusty shades have a natural and earthy tone to them---such as Synchronicity and  Free Spirit ---work well with the skin's neutral tones. Matt dusty pink/rose shades complement those with very pale skin, while dusty corals and deeper earthy shades look best on those with a slightly darker complexion.

Cool Skin Tones

Cool toned blush shades complement those who have cool/pink undertones in their skin. Pale pink and berry blushes that have a cool undertone---such as Cool Berry will add a subtle, youthful and natural pop of colour to those with fair skin. Satin Blushes that have a pearl-like sheen are most complementary on those with cool undertones, as they give a natural and luminous glow to translucent and porcelain skin.

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    Amber Ward